The Pool Complex is for Members and Homeowners only. This includes the Pool House with Porch, the Pool and the Picnic Patio.

Renters in Killearn Commons can have access provided that the owner has given their permission to us in writing.

Please read the Pool Complex Rules below, we are very strict about these and a violation of the rules can result in deactivation of your pool fob and no access.

Anyone caught trespassing or in the pool area after hours will be prosecuted.

Pool Fobs

Pool fobs are issued to all new residents. The best time to get your pool fob is during the annual pool clean-up day in March prior to the pool opening. There is a $25 fee for lost fobs so a new fob may be issued.

For new or replacment pool fobs contact us through the Contact Us page

Pool Complex Event Reservations & Rules

In January 2013 the BOD implemented a new Pool Patio Reservation Agreement attached below. This needs to be completed and turned in to any KCHOA Board Member with a non-refundable fee of $50 to reserve to Pool for parties.  Only one reservation will be accepted per date.

All events will be on the Picnic Patio, no exceptions. The Pool House Porch is for swimmers only and when a single homeowner family has their on personal get together.

EVENT DEFINITION: When a Killearn Commons homeowner invites guests into the pool area for more than just swimming, that includes any kind of social gathering, eating, drinking, etc. and involves more than one family, this will be defined as an event. This includes the terms “party”, get together”, etc. All homeowners must be present during the event.

The number of participates or guest is limited to 20. Anymore requires an exception by contacting us at the Contact Us  page.

Reservations for events will require two weeks notice to be scheduled and a $50 reservation fee (up to 4 hours).

To schedule an event then go the to check the Calendar for date availability. To schedule a date and time then go to Contact Us page and make your request. Once confirmed then you’ll be notified and responsible for turning in Reservation Request KCHOA_Reservationagreement1.doc along with $50 non-refundable check.

If two or less homeowners and their families want to get together for a cook out then reservations are not required as long as this event does not conflict with any reserved event.

Any host of said party and/or participating homeowners will be responsible for clean-up after the party.

Picnic Patio Rules

The Picnic Cabana is for exclusive use by any homeowner who has made reservations for a Party as defined above. All gatherings and events will be in the Picnic Cabana except for swimming.

No food or drink, as per pool rules, will be allowed on the pool deck or in the pool.

Use of the Outdoor Kitchen is to be limited to an adult over the age of 25 and limited to only two (2) people at a time in the cooking area, no exceptions.

When using the charcoal grill the user will need to bring their own charcoal, lighter fluid, utensils and cleaning supplies.

There will no playing on top of the picnic tables or serving counter.


Pool Season

The Pool is typically open around the middle part of March and closes at the end of October.

Pool Hours: 7:00AM to 9:00PM – The Gate will automatically lock at 9:00PM so don’t get caught inside the pool fence after 9:00PM.

Pool Rules

  1. Insurance Regulations require all children under 15 years of age to be accompanied by a responsible adult "18 years of age or older."Unaccompanied children (under 15) will result in cancellation of pool privileges for the entire family. The leading cause of death among children under 15 years old in the USA is drowning.
  1. The Homeowner/Occupant is also financially responsible for all guests "and anyone that uses your access card" actions and all damages that occur.
  1. No Diving is permitted. It's only a three-foot to six-foot-deep pool, designed for multiple users, but not for diving.
  1. No Running around the pool, as this could result in a serious injury.
  1. No Glass. Please do not bring glass bottles or containers inside the gated pool area. One broken bottle could cause the pool to be closed for draining, cleaning and refilling. The Health Department requires we  flush 27,000 gallons of chlorinated water down the drain.
  1. No Pets of any kind are permitted within the fenced areas of the pool.
  1. NO SMOKING in the entire pool complex.
  1. All pool parties must be reserved at least two weeks in advanced. No more than 20 people will be permitted per party, unless pre-approved by a board member.
  1. No Vandalism will be tolerated. All acts of vandalism will be prosecuted. Nobody should be climbing over the fence for any reason. No one should be around the pool after 9 p.m. Take charge if you see any suspicious activity.Call the Leon County Sheriff at 922-3300.
  1. All guest must be accompanied by the homeowner inviting the guest. A homeowner cannot randomly let a non-homeowner use their pool card to access the pool complex. Exceptions can be made by contacting a Board Member.

New Pool Rules Added

The KCHOA Board of Directors at it’s meeting on Monday added three (3) new rules for the pool complex. The purpose behind these rules are to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the residents using the pool.

The first added rule pertains to all rules and the new rule is “Any resident caught breaking the pool rules will have their pool device deactivated for one year.” While probably over 99% of the residents follow the rules all it takes is just a few to break the rules creating an environment that is not safe or enjoyable.

The second rule has to do with glass containers inside the pool complex. Recently glass bottles of beer were discovered. The KCHOA Pool is considered by Federal, State and County law to be a commercial pool and therefore very regulated. If any glass container is broken inside the pool complex under the law we are required to close the pool down, drain the entire 27,000 of water out of the pool, clean the interior and then refill the pool. The is a very expensive proposition so how would you like to pay a one time water bill for 27,000 gallons will that is the new rule. If you enter the pool complex with a glass container then you will be held financially responsible and a special assessment will be made to you.

The third rules pertains to Balloons, including water balloons. While we appreciate the festive atmosphere balloons can add to a party or a good old water balloon fight the balloons to create a hazard to the pool pumping and filtering system since they are not biodegradable. Therefore no balloons in the pool complex.